CIMF Concerts 2014

In this long-overdue post, I inform you as to the dates, times and locations of my Canberra International Music Festival concerts. Some great heard- and unheard-of repertoire this year, with some scarily cool collaborating artists.


Friday 9th May

Europe Day Concert

7pm-8.10pm, Albert Hall, $40-45.

Władysław SPZILMAN – Concertino for Piano & Orchestra (accompaniment).


Sat 10th May

Music From No Man’s Land

1.30pm-2.50pm, Fitters’ Workshop, $40-45.

Frederick Septimus KELLY – Cycle of Lyrics, Op. 4 (selections).

The Pianist

4pm-6pm, Fitters’ Workshop, $50-55.

Władysław SPZILMAN – Concertino for Piano & Orchestra (accompaniment).


Tues 13th May

Debussy and Ravel

6.00pm-7.10pm, Fitters’ Workshop, $50-55.

Maurice RAVEL – La Valse for Two Pianos (with Bengt Forsberg).

Claude DEBUSSY – En blanc et noir (with Bengt Forsberg).


Thurs 15th May

Sunset at the High Court

4.30pm-6.10pm, High Court of Australia, $50-55 (no tickets at door).

Lili BOULANGER – Les Sirènes; Vieille Prière Bouddhique (with Song Company soloists, Sprogis Woods Smith Young Artists); Prelude in D flat major (Australian Première)

The Birth of the Fitters’

8.15pm-10.15pm, Fitters’ Workshop, $50-55.

Lili BOULANGER – Theme & Variations.


Sat 17th May

The Fire and the Rose

7.30pm-10pm, Llewellyn Hall, $20-25.

Gustav HOLST – Mars, the Bringer of War

Rued LANGGAARD – Music of the Spheres

Nigel WESTLAKE – Finale from Missa Solis

(celeste, piano).


These are going to be fun. They’re pricey, but if you can make one or two, it’ll be worth it. Check out the links for more info on each concert, and hope to see you there.

Cheers, A

CMC Songbook, Phantasmagorganism et al.

I’ve just finished the final series of drafts for the Canberra Musicians Club Songbook.
It was my job to hear the songs in my ears and write them notes down with my hands, eyes and computer.
Here are a couple of examples.
If you live in Canberra and/or are interested in some of what Canberrans are putting out for the assumed benefit of humankind, you must [visit a page which as of yet has not been made known].
We’re looking at a potential second volume, because there are so many artists who should be published.
The book also comes with a CD, which has all the tracks you’ll find in the book, in the same order.

In other news my band’s record has gone global on a ridiculously massive scale. Someone bought one yesterday, AND the day before that. I don’t even know why you’d hesitate before graspily snapping up in your hands like a crocodile a copy of the Phantasmagorganism EP.


Until next time. My next post will be from France. I’m in France this year. btw

From the void to the other void


I haven’t updated my site in like fo-ever. But I’ve been up to some stuff indeed.

I have finished production on my bands first release, the Phantasmagorganism EP.

The artwork is in, the CDs are being printed, but the EP is already available for stream and digital download:

Cheers, there will be more news coming.

Gigs: August.


My gigs this month. A quiet one.


The Musical Offering.

Preludes and Fugues by Bach, Shostakovich, Kapustin.

Ragtime by Scott Joplin.

7pm, Thurs 8th August.

National Library of Australia Foyer.


In Canberra Tonight.

Bach: Prelude and Fugue

No. 4 in C # minor BWV 849.

7pm, Thurs 15th August.

Stromlo Observatory.


Frank Bridge Phantasy for Piano Quartet.

Brindabella Quartet.

Afternoon, Saturday 17th August.

Radford College, Bruce.


Monk: Evidence


Audio/video recording of the Monk concert conducted by Joey Panucci and myself on April 10th at the Wesley Music Centre.

Audio recorded by Bill Oakes at ArtSound FM, produced by me.


NewACTon must like me or something.

I will be playing in two upcoming NewACTon events -

the first of which is on Sat April 27th, called “Woven Words”. Here’s a brief spiel about it:

To celebrate the release of The Invisible Thread, a publication of 75 Canberra writers, NewActon is bringing together three leading authors for an evening of heartfelt words woven with music.

Alex Miller, Alan Gould and Sara Dowse have each chosen musical compositions to bookend their poem or prose readings. These will be performed by an ensemble specifically arranged for the evening in collaboration with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

Info on that one can be found at and the fb event is here. I’ll be playing the first movement from the Sitsky Sonata No. 2, and Speak Low & That Old Devil Moon with singer extraordinary Chanel Cole.

Tickets: $39.
The other thing is on Sat May 4thand is called, among other things,  “Sense: An Audio Journey.” Here, have some more free info.
Perhaps one of the most innovative soundscapes of the year, NewActon is presenting a journey from contemporary piano and performance poetry though jazz and electronic fusion to intelligent dance music.

No boundaries will stop this ambitious attempt to introduce new sounds to new people. Leading poets and musicians will progress the day from single strokes to complex rhythms and pulsing beats.

Max Cooper, a geneticist, classical composer and electronic producer from the UK, is said to be one of the most innovative musicians in contemporary dance music: “Beautiful, hypnotic techno that should be listened to by anybody with even a passing interest in intelligently geared dance music” (Electrotrash). He is the centrepiece of a remarkable array of artists who often perform their own solo concerts. CJ Bowerbird’s nation-leading poetry, David and Chris Finnigan’s spoken word and guitar ensemble, Miroslav Bukovsy’s critically acclaimed jazz trio, and Hypnagog’s 3-hour live set are some of the gems that will make Think to Sense an exceptional day for Canberra’s music industry.
[I'm in it too.]
The site for that one is here: and the fb event here. I’ll be playing 30 minutes of improvised stuff, starting with I think some modal improvisation on Take Five and seeing where the mood takes me.
NB This latter event is huge. PLEASE check out the event details before committing to it, it’s going to be amazing, just make sure your afternoon and evening are free!
Tickets: $34.
OK bye